Nitro Rooski is the up and coming con chairman for CCFC. He likes working with his team members, participating in the fandom and seeing it grow as well as lots of snuggles!
Chief Design Officer & General Manager
Cinnamon Fennec
Finance Adviser & Assistant Chairman
Cinnamon Fennec helps run the finances for CCFC and works with Nitro as the assistant chairman. He may not like debt, but he definitely likes booping snoots.
Deputy Operations Manager
Flynne is a freelance illustrator and marketing student who resides in the Greater Philadelphia area. She is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the CCFC team and has contributed to the convention in a variety of areas including illustration/asset creation, concept development and event planning.
Head Of Web Dept.
Head Of Social Media Dept.
Head Of Dealers Den & Artist Ally
I'm the pinkest red panda. I'm a fursuit maker, tiktoker, and small YouTuber. I love creating things and bringing stuff to life. I love anything that is pink or holographic and have a sweet tooth. I always try to see the world with love and would gladly give you a hug. See if you can find my six foot tail around.